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A bit about me…

When I was at the very wise age of 13 I decided that I was going to become a storyteller. I loved English class and expressing myself through creating things, so at the time I assumed that meant writing would always be my one thing.

Boyyy was I in for a big surprise.

As I grew older my love for words bloomed into something great, and fostered opportunities for me to play with videography, photography, brand development, and design. These moments of exploration introduced and sparked new passions in my life, opening up doors into new worlds of creative expression. I quickly fell in love with the creativity and challenge that comes with artfully combining visuals with language to share honest, engaging, and impactful stories. 

So now here I am, a “20 something”, looking for opportunities to continue share my creative drive as a storyteller… Only in a couple more ways than I had planned for at 13.