BRAND MISSION: im candles is a concept for a candle company that encourages consumers to be proud of who they are in every moment of life. The mission of the company is to take a stand against the notion that we should feel ashamed of the feelings, thoughts, and quirks that make us unique individuals. Every element of the im candles’ brand is meant to spread vibes of self love and empowerment.

BRAND AESTHETIC: The brand aesthetic for im candles is a blend of soft pastel colors, strong fonts, and simple design. The stark contrast between the serif and the hand lettered fonts reflects the arbitrary difference we sometimes feel between who we are and who we feel we should be.

The first three colors of the brand are “feelin’ fresh green”, “inner peace purple”, and “boss moves mauve”.

BRAND PACKAGING: Reflecting the greater mission of the brand through simplicity, the packaging of im candles is clean, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing. Because of the minimalist design this candle fits seamlessly in any room without clashing against the current atmosphere. Avoiding crowding the labels with unnecessary decor and type allows for the focus of attention to be drawn to message specific to the candle at hand. 

MARKETING: The voice of im candles is witty, empowered, and fresh. In reflection of the mission of the brand, every advertisement focuses on blending elements of simplicity and honest emotion.