living full

living full is a digital product concept that I created while studying in the Emerging Media Masters program at The University of Georgia.

Project Explanation + Background

As a part of completing my master’s program, I was tasked with ideating, proposing, creating, and presenting a digital product concept. Combining research and my own personal interests, I created a concept for a mobile application for vegetarians and vegans. The app, named “living full”, makes life meat free a little easier, healthier, and a lot more full . To learn more, check out the executive summary and product pitch

UX + UI Design

The product design process consisted of conducting focus groups, usability tests, and research into competitors. Primary focus for the UX design and flow of the application was placed on intuitive motions, simplicity, and user customization. To experience the app for yourself click here.

Web Design

I created a website for living full using HTML code and a Bootstrap template. The website displays all components of the project, and serves as a mock website for the app. The focus is on simplicity, functionality, and smooth scrolling.

Branding + Marketing

Creating a brand identity that is original and in line with what the product offers were my two primary branding goals. To make sure that the app UI, website, and marketing materials were all aligned with the established brand, I created a style guide. I also created posters and a short explainer video that can be viewed on the website.